Rest, eat, train. Swim, bike, run!

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Physical fitness is comprised of two concepts: general fitness (a state of health and well-being) and specific fitness (the ability to perform aspects of sports/occupations). Both are achieved through exercise, good nutrition and adequate rest.


Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic efficiency of an organism, often implicitly human. "The state of being free from illness or injury".


Wellness includes not only wealth and employment, but also an individual's environment, physical health, mental health, education, recreation/leisure time, and social belonging.

Marathon Report with Brock & Tawnee

Coach Brock takes the helm in the role-reversal episode of Endurance Planet as he interviews Tawnee on her BQ.

Brock and Debbie on tapering for 70.3 Triathlon

Shut the Front Door podcast logo
Coach Brock joined his friend Debbie Potts for a chat about tapering and coaching, on the Shut the Front Door podcast.

Episode 65: Dean Dwyer

primal blueprint logo
Coach Brock interviews Dean Dwyer about the essential emotional, psychological and behavioral tips that help maintain long-term weight loss. Learning how to reach your health goals is only half the battle: sustaining your gains is the other.

All about Paleo F(x) 2015

Shut the Front Door podcast logo
Coach Brock is reunited with his friend and ex-cohost to discuss life and all the things he learned at PaleoF(x) 2015 in Austin Texas.

Episode 60: Brad Pilon

Description: Brock Armstrong hosts today’s broadcast and interviews Brad Pilon, who discusses his book on intermittent fasting, Eat Stop Eat.

Sep "Office Hours" w/ Coaches Brock and Brad

Screenshot of the video
Coach Brock and his buddy Coach Brad (from talk about different ways to stay motivated in your training and racing.


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