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Fit, Fat, Fast - Ep 55

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Coach Brock and Debbie, together again, talking about the Metabolic Efficiency Technician certification that Debbie took from Bob Seebohar over the weekend… They didn’t get around to early season training as they had planned – lost track of time – but NEXT podcast will be on early season training! They promise.

What else they talked about:

  • The metabolic tests Debbie does.
  • Debbie’s upcoming Kona trip.
  • Tawnee Prazak’s ME test.
  • The definition of metabolic efficiency.
  • The blood sugar roller coaster.
  • The definition of metabolic inefficiency.
  • GI issues inside and outside of racing – including the mood and poop log.
  • Being efficient is 75% nutrition, 25% training.
  • Why Debbie throws up during Ironman.
  • How many calories we actually have available on our bodies.
  • What is RER and RQ?
  • What is a metabolic cross over point?
  • Lactate Threshold vs. VO2 Max vs. RQ
  • Napping after a workout.
  • Can you increase grains when you increase your carbs for race season?
  • How to increase your carbs safely.
  • Using real food for racing.
  • Why Brock trains low but races high.
  • Bob’s 5 Nutrition Periodization concepts.


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