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Skywalker Fitness Gear

Picture of a shirt

I am super pumped about this! Finally, you can get custom Skywalker Fitness gear to wear in all your 2014 races! Well, ok... your fall races anyway.


To order some super sweet Skywalker Fitness gear, go to and under "Returning Customers and CS DIRECT Customers" (not "New Customers") type in...
- Username: skywalker
- Password: first-time
This links you directly to my Skywalker Fitness store.

Then you will have to create your own personal account... very standard stuff. After you have created your own account, you will use that to log in from now on and not the 'skywalker/first-time' mumbo jumbo.

On the next screen, click "order now" and voila, you can begin to order all the items you want - not just from the centre area but from the left hand column as well - and be able to pay with either Visa or M/C and have it shipped directly to your house.

But order quickly! This stuff is only available to purchase until the end of July so buy NOW NOW NOW! Ha ha...

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