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Inspire Me Well - the book

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being asked to write a guest blog post by a former athlete of mine, Lisa Belanger, who is also one of the authors of the book Inspire Me Well.

Lisa wrote:

I am writing a blog on 'what you should know if you are traveling for races' ie: traveling to another city for a marathon/half marathon. Since you are an expert in this area- would you be able to give any pointers that I can quote you on?

An expert in this area??? Well, yeah. I guess I kind of am! 35 of the 55 races I have participated in have been out of town. Some have even been "destinations" in the true sense of the word: Maui, Phuket, New York, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, Victoria, Ottawa... Hamilton. Ha!

As I started writing, I realized that I was actually creating a list of things I had personally overlooked on occasion. Things I forgot to do, such as: pack a pre and post race meal, be prepared for time zone and climatic changes, have the vacation after the race not before, make a thorough checklist of things I needed to pack, plan how I'm going to get back to the hotel after the race, and... a few other gems.

To benefit from all my mistakes, you'll have to read the whole Travel Running - What Not To Do article over at the Inspire Me Well website.

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