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Fit, Fat, Fast - Ep 73

Photo of the book cover

Both Debbie and Coach Brock Skype with the Low Carb Man himself, Jimmy Moore. Jimmy’s new book, Keto Clarity, comes out on Aug 5th! The book is dedicated to “everyone who still needlessly believes the conventional wisdom about nutrition even though it’s never helped them lose weight or get healthy . . . and very likely made things considerably worse!”

They also discuss:
- Background on writing book,
- Cholesterol clarity format, lessons and design of new book,
- Moment of clarity quotes,
- What is ketosis and why should we do it?
- Ketone bodies and fasting lessons,
- Metabolic damage from high carb diet history,
- Ketosis and sugar sensitivity,
- Carbs per day and finding your carbohydrate tolerance,
- The KETO acronym to help keep you on track,
- Measuring blood sugar levels and ideal levels (Blood sugar: 80-90 ideal… Not to go over 140),
- Testing triglycerides – over 100 then too high carb for your body,
- Overdoing protein and gluconeogenesis,
- What the heck can I eat?? And how to eat when dining out.
- Who loves BUTTER!?
- How to measure ketones?
- Ketonix Sport or Ketonix Standard with Battery
- Japanese Researchers Create Smartphone Ketone Meter
- When to test each day or week?
- The 21 day challenge.
- Maintaining weight, weight loss equation and living life.


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