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Episode 65: Dean Dwyer

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Coach Brock interviews Dean Dwyer from the Toronto studio. Dean is well known both as a speaker at Paleo f(x) and for his books, Make Shift Happen and The Willpower Solution. On today’s show, he talks about the essential emotional, psychological and behavioral tips that help maintain long-term weight loss. Learning how to reach your health goals is only half the battle: sustaining your gains is the other. If you’ve succumb to yo-yo dieting or thwarted weight loss, then you won’t want to miss this episode. And, as a bonus, stay tuned until the end of the show for a special offer for Primal Blueprint Podcast listeners.

Show Notes:

How to keep the momentum going in Paleo living [02:52]

Dean’s MDA Success Story and long Primal journey [03:32]

What is willpower? [05:08]

Why are people general bad at critically thinking about their own problems? [08:31]

Why learning through other people’s experience might not be enough to succeed [12:34]

Why do 95% of people who lose weight put it back on? [13:59]

How do you make a lasting change? [18:07]

What are the behaviors that lead to sustained weight loss? [21:02]

The importance of focusing on one small change at a time [28:07]

What can be measured, can be matched: the importance of tracking your progress [37:14]

Why consistency is key to long term success [39:46]

The One Thing as a guide to consistency [44:36]


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