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Brock & Deb talk about New Year’s Resolutions!

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Coach Brock joins his podcast buddy Debbie Potts on her show "The WHOLE Athlete Podcast" to have a conversation about why people make New Year’s Resolutions as well as their overall effectiveness.  They have their usual conversation with many fun tangents (and a couple rat holes) - so enjoy listening to them have fun riffing on a topic!

In the podcast:

- Debbie talks about her ideas of doing a 5-day or 21-day sugar detox and reset challenge that she offers at her studio.

- Do you make any new goals or resolutons in the New Year?

- What about creating a roadmap for the year ahead?

- The 8 Forms of Wealth exercise:

Learn more about Debbie’s coaching on and her The WHOLESTIC Method program.


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