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Primal Endurance Podcast #87 - Body Fat

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Host Brad Kearns welcomes popular recurring guest Coach Brock for a wide-ranging discussion, including: latest trends in ancestral health, why the protein fad is missing the boat, and how lowering protein might improve both health and peak performance (hint: shouldn't be using protein as fuel, even when you are trying to increase muscle mass); Brock's transition to serious strength training: he works hard in the gym for 45 min, Brad for only 15 min. But this could be a function of their neurotransmitter composition and optimizing workout types and workout patterns accordingly (listen to Dave DollĂ© show #47 for more detail on this important, but little-discussed topic). Brock's shocking DEXA scan results showing he had osteoporosis and also an elevated body fat number that calls into question all other less-precise methods as being perhaps inaccurate. The pair discuss the pros and cons of self-testing. Yes, it's important to get regular checkups and screens, address all health concerns, take advantage of online customized blood testing, and even look toward alternative healers for peak performance goals. But overdoing it and getting OCD about it can become stressful in and of itself. Reference Andrew MacNaughton's oft-discussed mantra of making training decisions according to moods, and always factor intuition into your health and training picture. Enjoy this lively and fast-moving discussion that will definitely get you thinking, especially about stuff you should test and track and other stuff you might not want to worry too much about!


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