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Try a Triathlon: Expert Advice

I was lucky enough to be one of the experts asked to lend advice for another blog post over at

This was my contribution:

I like to remind all my triathletes not forget what is coming up next. During the swim, remember that you still have to bike and run so adjust your stroke and effort accordingly. During the bike, remember you still have to run so adjust your power and cadence accordingly. During the run, remember you only have to cross the finish line so... screw everything and go hard! In other words - In the first 3rd of the race, don't be stupid. In the middle 3rd, don't get excited. In the final 3rd, don't be a wimp.

To read the rest (which includes some tips from professional triathlete Kristina Schultz and experienced triathlete Dwight Kroening) You'll have to go to the Inspire Me Well wesbite yourself.

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