Rest, eat, train. Swim, bike, run!

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Physical fitness is comprised of two concepts: general fitness (a state of health and well-being) and specific fitness (the ability to perform aspects of sports/occupations). Both are achieved through exercise, good nutrition and adequate rest.


Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic efficiency of an organism, often implicitly human. "The state of being free from illness or injury".


Wellness includes not only wealth and employment, but also an individual's environment, physical health, mental health, education, recreation/leisure time, and social belonging.

Gear Review - Tailwind Nutrition

Brock with Tailwind
As part of the Ben Greenfield Fitness smartphone app series, Coach Brock, reviews Tailwind Nutrition's "Endurance Fuel" from

Gear Review - Intelleskin

Brock in a muscle pose
As part of the Ben Greenfield Fitness smartphone app, Coach Brock reviews the performance posture apparel from Intelliskin.

More of Coach Brock

Screenshot of the app

Aside from managing Skywalker Fitness and coaching its athletes, I also work closely with a company called Pacific Elite Fitness (as their Coach Liaison) which is owned by my podcast partner Ben Greenfield. Recently Ben released a phone app and asked me to contribute not only our weekly podcast but also some gear review videos.


Training Zone chart

For those of you who don’t own Heart Rate Monitors and aren’t able to pinpoint your MAF or calculate your 5 heart rate training zones, here is what we call the “Perceived Exertion” or PE scale:


Try a Triathlon: Expert Advice

I was lucky enough to be one of the experts asked to lend some triathlon advice for another blog post over at

Live & In Person

Photo of Ben and Brock
As many of you know, I am the co-host and producer of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast. Ben and I sat down and recorded the show together (for only the second time ever) a decided to Spreecast the whole thing as well.


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