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Fit, Fat, Fast - Ep 59

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Dr. Phil Maffetone is back on the show to discuss brain waves and how we can use them to massage our nervous system by taking a 5-Minute Power Break (if you missed his previous appearance, make sure to check out Ep 12). We also talk about Phil’s band, when, how and why he got into music and  he answered a few listener questions such as:

  • If you’re fat adapted, do you need carbs for fuel?
  • What happens when you increase the intensity? And duration?
  • What is the proper percentage for Phil’s carbo hydrate drink (honey and H2o mix)?
  • When I tell people to run in their “fat burning zone” it is often interpreted as some sort of “losing weight” scheme. Does running in this heart rate zone result in weight/fat loss or is in something much more internal?
  • If a low carb approach to endurance training is so popular, what successful endurance athletes are successful using this approach?
  • What would you tell someone who says “the pros eat carbs and sugar and they do alright”.
  • Are any studies or his opinion on training the body to burn fat through consuming a higher percentage of fat and protein?

Make sure to stick around to the very end of the show so you can hear the song Kissin’ Cousins, written and performed by Phil Maffetone himself.


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