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MAF Zone for LSD?

Drawing of a heart

We runners LOVE our acronyms. For example, on Saturdays (or Sundays if you prefer – these workouts are flexible) my Team in Training crew will be doing a GTS LSD with TNT. Translation: Group Training Session, long slow distance, with Team in Training. Ha! Love it?



Training Zone chart

For those of you who don’t own Heart Rate Monitors and aren’t able to pinpoint your MAF or calculate your 5 heart rate training zones, here is what we call the “Perceived Exertion” or PE scale:



Ironman 70.3 Syracuse

It's not quite a done deal... yet... but it may as well be (I just haven't paid my entry fee yet). On June 24th I will be competing in Ironman 70.3 Syracuse.

For those of you who aren't "in the know", an Ironman 70.3 is 1.9 km swim / 90 km bike / 21.1 km run or 1.2 mile swim / 56 mile bike / 13.1 mile run (which adds up to 70.3 miles - clever eh?).

Without My Ducklings

Running so fast I blurredIt has been quite a while since I have had to train on my own. Actually, I can literally pinpoint the day – the day I joined Team in Training.

You want me to run how fast? ok!

Me and my new adizeroboston shoes.♪ Baby it’s cold out there but it’s nice and warm on the track ♫

Ok, so that’s not a song… but it was indeed a lot warmer at the track this morning than it was outside. -46°C with the windchill when I got up at 5:15 to head to the Kinsmen Sport Center here in Edmonton. “Gross” is all I have to say about that.

Running through the pow-pow

A Rather Snowy RunThe streets of Edmonton are much more suited to downhill skiing than running today, there’s about 5cm of fresh powder covering every trail, sidewalk and path but I just got home from my Long Slow Distance run as prescribed by our awesome Make-Over Coach Tania Jones.

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