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Race Report

Ironman 70.3 Laguna Phuket

Brock running through the thai jungle
If you read my Laguna Phuket Triathlon race report, you already know that I DNF-ed this race. DNF means Did Not Finish... which isn't exactly accurate in this case. More like Did Not Middle. By that I mean that I had a great swim and a decent run but I only made it 20km into the ride before my rental bike's back brakes, the torrential downpour and my dampened spirits (pun intended) made me turn back. Needless to say - I was bummed.

Laguna Phuket Triathlon

Brock riding the bike of doom
Biggest take away lesson from this race: Don't rent a bike you plan to race with in Thailand. If you do, don't expect it to have brakes. If you do, you will likely end up in a ditch... or worse. Luckily, I have a series of priorities that have kept me safe throughout the 50+ races I have raced in the last 5ish years.

Hamilton "Road2Hope" Half Marathon

Brock crossing the finishline in Hamilton

It was a fun race, despite the cold and gloomy day... and my slow performance (I finished in 1:37:05 - my slowest 21.1 since the Goofy).

Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon

Photo of Brock by Craig Gauld
I finished all 42.2km in 3:57:24... sub 4 hours isn't terrible, I guess. I placed 603/1725 overall, 440/960 in men, and 87/141 my division (men 40-44). My splits were: 10k 49:24, 21.1k 1:45:37, and 30k 2:32:22. So, you can see, I had actually been doing pretty well.

Oakville Half Marathon

Brock running down a street in Oakville
I finished the Oakville Half Marathon in 1:36:10. A far cry from a PB and slightly slower than I was realistically hoping for but I placed 33/156 in "Men 40-49", 91/415 in "All Men" and 106/736 "Overall". I guess I can live with that...

Wasaga Beach Triathlon turned Duathlon

Running through ankle deep water
The wind and the rain was too much and too heavy so they changed the Olympic Tri to a Duathlon of 5km Run, 29km Ride, 5km Run. The rain was crazy at times and the wind was relentless... but I kinda enjoyed it! What's wrong with me?!?! I finished in 1:43:10. I placed 16/37 (Men 40-44), 108/187 (Men) and 124/270 (Overall).


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