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More of Coach Brock

Screenshot of the app

Aside from managing Skywalker Fitness and coaching its athletes, I also work closely with a company called Pacific Elite Fitness (as their Coach Liaison) which is owned by my podcast partner Ben Greenfield. Recently Ben released a phone app and asked me to contribute not only our weekly podcast but also some gear review videos.

I've Got a New Coach!

Photo of Ben Greenfield on a bicycle

About a month ago I answered a job posting from the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast. Ben was looking for someone to take over the audio production, some website duties and to co-host the podcast each week. I applied and, low and behold, I got the position. I am having a *hoot* so far. The learning curve was steep but Ben seemed happy enough to throw me in and let me flail about until I got it. I think I am... getting it...

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