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Ironman Canada - Morning Adventure

Screen grab from the video
I woke up at 5:00am to chase Ben Greenfield around with a video camera while he prepared to race Ironman Canada Whistler, 2013.

Ironman 70.3 Syracuse

Photo of Brock before the swim

113.14km (70.3 miles) and 6:21:11 later - I am IRONMAN!

What a day! What a trip! Awesomeness! I finished an Ironman event and (for the most part) exceeded my own expectations. That is good enough for me... this time.


Ironman 70.3 Syracuse

It's not quite a done deal... yet... but it may as well be (I just haven't paid my entry fee yet). On June 24th I will be competing in Ironman 70.3 Syracuse.

For those of you who aren't "in the know", an Ironman 70.3 is 1.9 km swim / 90 km bike / 21.1 km run or 1.2 mile swim / 56 mile bike / 13.1 mile run (which adds up to 70.3 miles - clever eh?).

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