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Day Before the Road2Hope

Photo of a bottle of beet root juice

Tomorrow at 8:15am I am running the Hamilton Road2Hope Marathon.

I have kept this fact quiet due to the disappointment of the Chicago marathon a few weeks ago. I figured I would give it one more try this season and see what I can do when:

Protein, water and an afternoon snack!

Quinoa & rice with bacon and eggs!Let me start by saying that we all love to hear that we are doing things correctly but there is really something magical about a teacher/coach/leader who can make you feel that way while pointing out the things you can improve on.

Can Caffeine Help You Work Out?

Here's some pretty cool and interesting information about caffeine and exercise from the Get Fit Guy:

Do you ever wonder whether that morning cup of coffee before you head to the gym might be doing more than just giving your brain a wake-up call? In other words, could caffeine actually help you work out? The answer is yes. Here are 3 quick and dirty tips for getting the most out of every drip:


Artificial Sweeteners

The Athletic Foodie has a very good article about diet sodas and artificial sweeteners I think you should take a peek at. The most interesting part (to me anyway) was this:

Beet Juice? Really?

A friend of mine (thanks Dr. Sexton) sent me an article from the Globe and Mail that has some awesome info in it.

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