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Race Nutrition 101 with Ben

Screen grab from the spreecast
The archive of a Spreecast Ben Greenfield (Ironman triathlete, nutritionist, and fitness coach) did for the Fall 2013 "Team in Training" athletes.

Going Goofy

That's right. I am at it again.

But this time I am not running just one marathon - no no - I am running two! Well, one and a half. Jan 8th I will run 21.1km and Jan 9th I will run 42.2km. That's why Disney calls this race the "Goofy".

The reason I am doing this is simple: to help cure cancer.

Without My Ducklings

Running so fast I blurredIt has been quite a while since I have had to train on my own. Actually, I can literally pinpoint the day – the day I joined Team in Training.

Finally, good weather!

Spring 2011 Team in Training Edmonton team
Hurray! The snow has subsided and the temperature has warmed enough that we could go for a run outdoors today! It was glorious. I had nearly forgotten how much shorter 16km feels when you have people to chat with and scenery to look at. I really do recommend that if you are currently a treadmill junky, get out and run in the fresh air. Preferably with some like-minded individuals. It really turns those LSD runs from something you have to do into something you really want to do! Seriously. You don't know what you are missing!

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